What is Sight/Sound

 Good question –  what is Sight/Sound?

At times, it’s an audio-visual concert series.  In this form, Sight/Sound has featured nearly 100 musicians, dancers, videographers, actors, and other artists in participation, and has premiered over 40 new works.

At other times, it’s a collaborative machine where artists of many disciplines can team up to create and share new art in an environment that encourages experimentation without the obstruction of haughty judgement from academia.

At many times, it’s a vanguard pursuit of new ways technology can enable us to communicate artistically and create art collaboratively without ever being in the same room.  Sight/Sound loves the internet.  This intangible, intransigent triumph of technology has facilitated entire creative processes, from inception to completion, to manifest without the collaborators ever meeting face to face.  It’s not that we’re particularly bashful for anything, we just find the possibilities for communication fascinating.

But at all times, it’s whatever Adam Cuthbért and Daniel Rhode what to do with art at the moment. The organization is wholly amorphous by nature, and follows only one rigid mantra:

we make and share art we like.